Daniel Wetter idea & service designer

I believe in the power of beautiful, efficient and intuitive design.

Digging deep into the user’s experiences brings to light their needs, desires, hopes, anxieties, dreams, fears and situation, essential in defining the requirements of a useful product. Only then, when you know the user do you have the means to design a beautiful and delightful experience.

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daniel@dunderdog.se | +46 708-265 333


Kristoffer Alpsjö make code sing

What makes Kristoffer really happy is to meet people.

A spelling mistake makes him sing opera, but during daytime tranquil music as hard rock makes his ears wiggle of joy while coding away with the very same precision of a pedantic mathematician.
He is deadly serious about work and eating sustainable Swedish sausages, which he does regularly while managing transcontinental project groups. To get on Kristoffer’s better side you can bribe him with a climb on the routes Vårkåt or Panta Rei. Anything vertical would do!

kristoffer@dunderdog.se +46 70 795 2297
Kristoffer Alpsjö CV

Meet also the Ceo: Ideas can even make him sing and The idea chief Daniel Wetter

Allgotech is a simple, intuitive washing machine for firefighters. In the fire in Västmanland a hosemaster was used for three and a half months, something that would have taken a full year for the old technology to achieve. It’s trully an entrepreneurial companies taking its first steps into the world market. To provide a base for that we updated their profile with a new site. http://allgotech.com/

Wish list: Pendant Lamp Torch by Lightwork

Finding the perfect lighting for the office is not always easy.
Last week we met Cecilia and Fredrik from Lightwork, a design and crafting company of lighting.
All their lamps are designed and hand made by the designer Hüseyin Turgut in the studio in Istanbul.
Check out Torch, our favorite

We perform usability studies with Eye tracking

Eye tracking studies of eye movements in a context of use    provides concrete and reliable information about what the user sees and perceives. And, about what is not noticed.
The method is thus suitable for studying virtually everything that is presented on a website or app.

We used it in several cases such as A/B testing for Search vs browse impact,  Packaging, Customer support efficiency, Ad and offer performance, intranet findability and of course usability at large.

We use the new Tobii X2 eye tracker, which measures eye movements with very high precision, and a separate web camera to catch motion and user reactions.

Clients: Telenor, Ericsson internal, Telia, Halebop, Eniro.

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New order flow for Öppenfiber.se

Now you can order your fiber and sign the agreement digitally on Öppenfiber.se. Dunderdog and Telia have entered into a collaboration with Egreement.

New-order-flow-for-openfiber-2014-11-25 10.15.21

Media calendar app

Stay updated on all the activities scheduled in one single app

MCdonalds CalanderThere are lots of calendar tools out there, but none that is as flexible and transparent as a spreadsheet. We simulated the needs together with Visual Arts media customers and it resulted in a calendar. It has the same characteristics as a whiteboard, with the simplest attributes to outline the year.
Demo and inquiry:Martin Adolfsson@VisualArt

Contact Us & Get Directions

Need directions to our office?
Contact: info@dunderdog.se | Sankt Paulsgatan 1, 118 46 Stockholm

Stockholm Office
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Dunderdog has a loyalty product in the family

The prominent Mobile club solution, mobilklubb.se is a Dunderdog product!

For more than one year we have been running own development projects as well as client projects on the platform. Taking over Mobilklubb was a natural step further. Now we control all future development.

We are happy and proud to welcome companies like Telia, Ica to Go, Himla, Naked Juice Bar to further cooperation, and to help new clients such as Visby Centrum and Uppsala University enabling new loyalty concepts.


Remote test for a global telecom company


We conducted a series of remote test to find out the varied ways to navigate from the start page of the company´s worldwide Intranet to solve a task. We invited 100 respondents from 20 different countries to participate in the remote test. We use Usabilla for the remote service. In this test we wanted to take a closer look at the different ways of solving a task and if there were a more convincing trend in finding the information.

We are launching Telia fastighetsägare

Dunderdog was asked to package a offer to smaller property owners. The solution was a searchbox and the result page as a quote.
A Telia Operator, Emil, Tom, Kristoffer and Tarento production. It looks simple but handle a complex world of data. On the tech menu we deliver Json and mobilclub API. And is served to the customer with a quote and a salesperson at your service.

A personalised intranet for Telco

For the past three years we have been busy designing a huge telco Intranet. The goal of the project was to deliver a single point of entry for all employees and natural internal tool for everyday use.
We contributed with knowhow in Usability, Information Architecture, Concept development.

Black VPN gets a brand new look

We love www and especially our new design for Black VPN a service that removes the borders on the internet. We minimized and stretched the site and made it responsive. The mobile experience is great!

Congrats, Bredbandswebben for the newly repainted site

We conducted a rapid prototype study for Telia Operator to see what the next step would be. We put together a team, Emil as a art director, Mikael Stange on copy, Morten Olsen on research and Kristoffer Alpsjö on pixel magic. Jonas Öquist did the barking.

Take a look on bredbandswebben.se

Helping Telia communicate their broadband Öppen Fiber

With Telias Open Cable (Öppen Fiber) customers in Sweden is allowed to provide their home with the best digital services for tv, internet and phone that their is on the market.
To provide customers with an an easy-to-get-feeling during the order process, Telia hired Dunderdog to rebuild and develop their national plattform for Öppen Fiber – Bredbandswebben. In late 2012 Dunderdog and Telia will release a a beta version of a plattform wich will help customers order services – tv, internet or phone services, regardless living in a flat or a house – fast, simple and secure. Many thanks to the team; Emil Björnum, Mikael Stange, Kristoffer Alpsjö, Morten Olsen and Jonas Öquist Bertéusen.