We love Rapid Collab

Rapid Collab – A quick design method for creative collaboration

5 intensive days to focus on an idea.

Day one: Define the goal

– Why do we do this?

– Define the principal stakeholders

– Sketch the customer journeys for the stakeholders

Day 2: Inspiration and sketching

– Inspire: Demonstrate good ideas with simple sketches. They should inform about good solutions that are not necessarily linked to our service. Put them on the board, with the heading, sketch and source.

– Crazy 8s: Define areas of interest. Later you will sketch the proposals. You can do this together with others or for yourself.

– Present: Describe your ideas to the rest of the team and motivate your ideas. Think about what effect your interaction is to achieve.

– Refine: Sketch more in details the ideas presented on the previous activity.

Present. Refine again if necessary.

– On day 3 you will decide what to choose

Day 3: Choose and Storyboard

– Best chance to reach goal: Which ideas or part of the ideas have the best chance to reach the goal defined on day 1.

– Pin the ideas: Put them on the board, with a catchy heading and sketches.

– Like: Ask each of the team to like parts of all the ideas (motivate why if needed on a sticky note)

– Risk : Mark the parts of the ideas that you consider risky (motivate why if needed on a sticky note)

– Facilitator presents the results

• Storyboard

– Start – This is the first time your users are going to get in contact with your product.

– Work with what you already sketched on the previous days

Day 4: Prototyping

• Level of detail

– Papper, wireframes or pixel perfect?

• Wire framing

– Layout the product as wireframes

– Make them clickable

• Prototyping

– Define situations/cases to test

– No longer than 15 min

– Test the test

– Find respondents

– Plan to record the user test

Day 5: Test

• Test

– Choose respondents from the different target groups

– Test as many as possible. But at least 3 from every target group.

– Record the interviews

• The interview

– Friendly welcome with questions about the respondent. Remind that there is no wrong ways to do the test

– introduce the prototype

– Clear tasks to use the prototype

– Debrief

• Documentation

– Select relevant quotes from the interviews

– Make a top line report

– Use quotes to illustrate

• Presentation

– Demonstrate the prototype

– Show the results

– Illustrate with quotes

– Pick some relevant moments and show them as film

About Dunderdog

We operate as a development partner for companies. With an understanding of contemporary design, culture and research, we create strategies, experiences and identities. With heart and with bite.


Our Loyalty platform in the cloud Vis.by

Mobile marketing tool. Selling to existing customers is much more effective than acquiring new ones. Our product helps retailers to reach their existing customers with the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. Mobilklubb is a simple, smart and cost effective way to sell more.

Been used in R&D projects for Aftonbladet, Ica To Go, Telia Öppenfiber, Himla, Naked Juicebar, Visby centrum and so on…

Commissioned to help one of the largest ICT companies with their taxonomy

We have long experience in creating structures that works.

In this case we made a localization strategy based on local presence in 186 countries. The mission was to boosted findability, leads and sales.

That was a tough one, but some challenges needed our nose to be solved.


Allabolag.se concept and UX

We love to do work with other partners. This time Limetta was commissioned to make a new look and feel. We got the privilege to develop the concept and Ux. Rapid prototyping was used to reach the next level of experience.



Mystery shopping

Shhh… we are doing our thing without telling anyone what we are up to… or for whom.

Strategic partner

We have a strategic partnership with B3it in experience design and usability. 

Allgotech saves lives with a hose washing machine

Allgotech’s Hose Master was used for the 3 1/2 months ordeal. The Hose Master made the material servicing possible. In a safer environment the hoses were washed, pressurized and dried in a fraction of the time, something that would have taken a full year to achieve using the old technology. It’s a truly impressive entrepreneurial company taking its first steps into the world market. Dunderdog provided a solid base, updating their profile with a brand new site.


Wish list: Pendant Lamp Torch by Lightwork

Finding the perfect lighting for the office is not always easy.
Last week we met Cecilia and Fredrik from Lightwork, a design and crafting company of lighting.
All their lamps are designed and hand made by the designer Hüseyin Turgut in the studio in Istanbul.
Check out Torch, our favorite

We perform usability studies with Eye tracking

Eye tracking studies of eye movements in a context of use    provides concrete and reliable information about what the user sees and perceives. And, about what is not noticed.
The method is thus suitable for studying virtually everything that is presented on a website or app.

We used it in several cases such as A/B testing for Search vs browse impact,  Packaging, Customer support efficiency, Ad and offer performance, intranet findability and of course usability at large.

We use the new Tobii X2 eye tracker, which measures eye movements with very high precision, and a separate web camera to catch motion and user reactions.

Clients: Telenor, Ericsson internal, Telia, Halebop, Eniro.

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New order flow for Öppenfiber.se

Now you can order your fiber and sign the agreement digitally on Öppenfiber.se. Dunderdog and Telia have entered into a collaboration with Egreement.

New-order-flow-for-openfiber-2014-11-25 10.15.21

Media calendar app

Stay updated on all the activities scheduled in one single app

MCdonalds CalanderThere are lots of calendar tools out there, but none that is as flexible and transparent as a spreadsheet. We simulated the needs together with Visual Arts media customers and it resulted in a calendar. It has the same characteristics as a whiteboard, with the simplest attributes to outline the year.
Demo and inquiry:Martin Adolfsson@VisualArt