About us

We operate as a development partner. With an understanding of contemporary design, culture, and research, we create strategies, experiences @ identities. With heart and with bite.

Work protected by NDA

We love edge work. But we’ve vouched secrecy about these R&D cases. Some of the activities and methods we make use of: – Mystery shopping, Trend analysis, Behavioural studies & Concept development – Experience mapping, User stories, ...

We love the customer perspective…

…Since it’s frank, and taps directly into the core of possibilities for value creation. We use our extensive knowledge based on qualitative market research and design. We recently delivered a whole bag filled with insights to ...

How we run our projects

Making business of a new idea requires creativity, sensitivity and expertise on innovation. A successful concept or product is reliant on technology, business goals, customer and user needs. This requires deep knowledge about the industry, ...

Hello world Långbro värdshus

we made an id stick to the internet. Now traffic is increasing with a beautiful design made by love. Book a food experience at langbrovardshus.se/

Sportbladet Speltips gets live odds bundled with their best game tips

Sportbladet’s game experts have delivered game tips static for years. We created a service to merge daily analyzes with odds from several gaming companie. Game tips from the sports magazine at your service.

Aftonbladet events

The quest was to create reach for local events in Sweden. We built a POC for local events for Aftonbladet. We used our centrum app Vis.by to quickly enable Sweden larges newspaper with a great ...

simple egreement

From why to a new brand. Take a look for your self at egreement, the plattform for egrees.

Vi med barn get a new design

In order to achieve increased revenue, more visitors where needed. Through our commitment, we radical changed the goals of the site’s. Lead design from a clean paper to final design. Research and Analytics + experience ...


A new interaction model was introduced without any reaction from the public. We are really proud to have delivered the research, concept model and interaction design together with our friends at Limetta front end designers.

A new 360 strategy leave the blogg competitor in the rear mirror

In order to achieve increased revenue, more visitors where needed. Effect map, validation, analyses of thousands of sessions and traffic data, made this beautiful design of Loppi network blog theme.  It’s used by the top talents ...


We were asked to take a closer look at Mäklarringen‘s site. Together with Limetta we put in motion our approach. We did a series of interviews with the brokers followed by workshops where we identified ...

Faster electronic signing increase conversion

Redesign to make a simpler and faster electronic signing (e-signing) process of agreements. As well as an experience design commission to increase conversions. Logo was updated as well.    

Trice a medical image service

Design of Trice, a digital medical image service. The UI had to be simple and intuitive for critical interaction. The MDs that use the product has given us the highest ratings!

Mobile marketing tool for businesses

Selling to existing customers is much more effective than acquiring new ones. Mobilklubb is a simple, smart and cost effective way to sell more. Therefore, this will help retailer reach their existing customers with the ...

O’Learys loyalty platform

During the summer of 2014 Dunderdog in collaboration with Kaigan began the UX and design process for O’Learys digital presence. We team: Malin Hamrin, Jonas Öquist and Daniel Wetter. The images speak for themselves.

Loppi – Bloggs, deals, shopping, contest and inspiration for parentes

We just love the way Loppi does things. Loppi makes parents happy with the many events they organise, the sweet freebies and prime list of great bloggers. Loppi has grown from a small site with ...

A new restaurant is born – Boston Grill

Simple a campaign site. With our own CMS Visual Grid.

Visual art

Craftmanship from the start all the way to the end! In tight cooperation with Visual Art designer Chloé Moriceau we created a truly remarkable visual site. To handle the demands, we made a custom Ruby ...

Vote app for center

A political party in Sweden asked us to help them with their EU campaign. The brief was simple enough: The party wants to promote and encourage their members to talk more politics. Our solution was ...

Stay updated on all the activities scheduled in one single app

There are lots of calendar tools out there, but none that is as flexible and transparent as a spreadsheet. We simulated the needs together with Visual Arts media customers and it resulted in a calendar. ...

Swipe to experience Rolling Optics

The 3D label holograms are amazing to experience live, but really hard to explore online. We’ve done some impressive animations to illustrate the experience. We also designed, and coded, their HTML5 site.

Telia – Öppen Fiber

Dunderdog made in conjunction with the launch of ‘Oppenfiber.se‘ an installation of its own marketing and light CRM tool. Telia can now enjoy the benefits of an optimal communication process with the customer. Homeowners can ...

Steering meeting on autopilot

We imaging a yearly planner, with a auto magic transcription service for protocol and agreements. After we saw that 90% of the protocols in a board were incorrect. Decisions were not followed up, and the agreements were renew without alternatives. ...


We took Lärarförmedlarna on an experience design journey and delivered a new online platform to communicate with their future teachers and clients.

Telia.se – Fastighetsägare

Dunderdog was asked to package an offer and information to property owners. Dunderdog created a database with the concerned property owners and gave them a tool to generate and play with their special offer instead ...

Telia – Bredbandswebben

Telia – Bredbandswebben https://www.bredbandswebben.se/


BlackVPN www.blackvpn.com


We made strategy work as well as conceptual sketches for Shareville, a stock advisory crowdsourcing service.

Folksam snabbanmälan

We made a quick mobile first experience for a prominent insurance company.

Intensiv insats för Validoo Q-lab kvalitetssäkringsvertyg

Vi hjälpte Validoo Q-lab med gränssnittet för deras nya webb-verktyget för att genomföra kvalitetssäkringsprocessen och dokumentation för intern och extern bruk. Nu kan vi vara säker på att hundkexen innehåller det vi är vana med.

SEB login – A friendlier way in

When SEB was going to launch a new way of login using BankID they asked Dunderdog to redesign the entry page. We conducted user test, A/B tests using rapid prototyping and interviews. Om the driving ...