About Dunderdog

We operate as a development partner for companies. With an understanding of contemporary design, culture and research, we create strategies, experiences and identities. With heart and with bite.


Services for trustees, brokers and credit trusts

As an impartial partner for housing associations, we develop services for trustees, brokers and credit trusts:

Boflink is a tool for board work, Mäklarservice.com presents the broker information before a sale.

Our Mäklarservice.com quality assure property information

We compile complete broker data for the sale of a flat. We help both the broker and the board to free time for something else.

You order online. We compile and deliver complete broker data.
No unnecessary calls. Shorter waiting times. Cost-effective.

Our Loyalty platform in the cloud – Mobilklubb

Mobile marketing tool. Selling to existing customers is much more effective than acquiring new ones. Our product helps retailers to reach their existing customers with the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. Mobilklubb is a simple, smart and cost effective way to sell more.

Curently used by: Ica To Go, Telia Öppenfiber, Visby centrum and so on…

Media calendar app

Stay updated on all the activities scheduled in one single app

MCdonalds CalanderThere are lots of calendar tools out there, but none that is as flexible and transparent as a spreadsheet. We simulated the needs together with Visual Arts media customers and it resulted in a calendar. It has the same characteristics as a whiteboard, with the simplest attributes to outline the year.
Demo and inquiry:Martin Adolfsson@VisualArt

Jonas Öquist Bertéusen

CEO Jonas’ job follows him wherever he goes; it is not rare to see him reach for his notebook at the oddest moments, to sketch a few lines or write a few words. Jonas was one of the founders of the many-times-priced web bureau Farfar, and his knowledge of design is impressive. He has command over the process that is clear and proficient; he excels and gives form to ideas and complex systems with lucid simplicity. Jonas is also a master of human relations, with a startling ability to get a comprehensive picture of people and situations. It is this competence that gives him the know-how to do great design projects.

Jonas Öquist Bertéusen cv 2010
+46 733 140 345 | jonas@dunderdog.se

Morten Olsen

Chairman of the Board Morten enjoys beauty, which he often finds in the Norwegian mountains. With extraordinary analytical skills, Morten refines ideas and systems into perfection. His work field spans from quality development, leadership and marketing, to process and service design. Morten holds a PhD and wrote his thesis about service quality in the bank sector. Besides being a dedicated fisherman, he has worked as a product manager, as a research director at the Service Research Center and as a consultant for market leading companies in various fields such as IT, telecom, finance, transport, consumer goods and fashion. He has developed a great number of product/service concepts, and has designed more than a hundred user solutions – a number of these have become commercial strikes and several are price awarded.


morten@dunderdog.se | +46 70-574 0287

Daniel Wetter


Daniel Wetter is a cooking virtuoso and has also an appetite for composing and visualising new ideas away from home. As a multitasking feinschmecker from Venezuela it was an obvious choice to study at the AA – Architecture Association School of Architecture in London. If you don’t find Daniel busy over a bloody steak or spellbound in a mushroom forest, you most probably find him immersed in the design of consumer strategies, end user centered development of products and services or busy in the making of new art installations. Daniel is part of the collective Dunderdog, yet manages with lectures on new media.

Daniel Wetter – CV 201803


daniel@dunderdog.se | +46 708-265 333