Daniel Wetter owner and cx manager

Creativity is a must. My obsessive need to find solutions feeds that creativity. I trust knowledge. It gives me the means to tackle challenges. Digging deep into the user’s experiences brings to light their needs, desires, hopes, anxieties, dreams, fears and situation, essential in defining the requirements of a useful product. Only then, when you know the user do you have the means to design a beautiful and delightful experience.

I believe in the power of beautiful, efficient and intuitive design.

The power of technology can not only help make life easier, but make more of life by heightening experiences in a environmentally sound manner. As a consumer it should be easy to do right, to be sustainable.

I design by testing. Ideas are made into prototypes and tested. I master the tools that are required in design (Sketch, Figma, InVision, Flinto and more). I have worked with large design teams (Telia, Eniro, SEB, Ericsson, Aftonbladet and others) during the past 20 years and find it easy to fit into existing work structures. I hear that I inspire with the way I do things. I am a problem solver and have no difficulty in trying new approaches to problems. Testing a product can sometimes be brutally honest. It hurts, no doubt, when it fails to deliver, but testing also triggers in me a surge of ideas and a torrent of new possibilities. Success is short-lived when you face the fact that design can always be improved.

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