We perform usability studies with Eye tracking

Eye tracking studies of eye movements in a context of use    provides concrete and reliable information about what the user sees and perceives. And, about what is not noticed.
The method is thus suitable for studying virtually everything that is presented on a website or app.

We used it in several cases such as A/B testing for Search vs browse impact,  Packaging, Customer support efficiency, Ad and offer performance, intranet findability and of course usability at large.

We use the new Tobii X2 eye tracker, which measures eye movements with very high precision, and a separate web camera to catch motion and user reactions.

Clients: Telenor, Ericsson internal, Telia, Halebop, Eniro.

Ahead of the user tests, different supportive tools is designed:

  • screening/recruitment form, to ensure the desired profiles on the respondents we recruit
  • questionnaires/guides, based on key issues (before/after the interview)
  • test cases/tasks
  • testing and observation protocols, i.e. checklists based on the issues to be focused/answered.

Both questions and test cases is discussed with customer to further ensure high relevance.