Congrats, Bredbandswebben for the newly repainted site

We conducted a rapid prototype study for Telia Operator to see what the next step would be. We put together a team, Emil as a art director, Mikael Stange on copy, Morten Olsen on research and Kristoffer Alpsjö on pixel magic. Jonas Öquist did the barking.

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Helping Telia communicate their broadband Öppen Fiber

With Telias Open Cable (Öppen Fiber) customers in Sweden is allowed to provide their home with the best digital services for tv, internet and phone that their is on the market.
To provide customers with an an easy-to-get-feeling during the order process, Telia hired Dunderdog to rebuild and develop their national plattform for Öppen Fiber – Bredbandswebben. In late 2012 Dunderdog and Telia will release a a beta version of a plattform wich will help customers order services – tv, internet or phone services, regardless living in a flat or a house – fast, simple and secure. Many thanks to the team; Emil Björnum, Mikael Stange, Kristoffer Alpsjö, Morten Olsen and Jonas Öquist Bertéusen.

New site for the prominent Lärareförmedlarna

We took Lärarförmedlarna for a ride and delivered a new online plattform to communicate to their future teachers and employers. All cred to Lärarförmedlarn as well as the team Mårten Angner, Emil Björnum and Jonas Öquist Bertéusen.

Startpage for Lärarfö

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Shareville gets expert feedback from us

We made strategy work, as well as conceptual sketches for a stock advisory crowd sourcing service. Morten, Daniel, Emil and Jonas have primary been working on the concept.


Shareville overview of the my favorite stars

Shareville overview of all markets

shareville - competition

Suggestion for Reumatikerförbundet

We were asked to pitch for Reumatikerförbundet and we are proud to present our suggestion for a community of people with rheumatism.
We really got engaged in helping.

Förslag till ny kommunikation koncept med Reumatiker förbundet

Förslag till ny kommunikation koncept för Reumatiker förbundet med membro community plattform

Förslag till ny kommunikation koncept för Reumatiker förbundet

Many thanks to our virtual project group: Anna Fock – Lead, Jonas Öquist – Creative, Morten Olsen – strategy, Emil Björnum – Ad, Mikael Stange & Henrik Smitterberg – Copywriter, Peter Ternström – Tech lead, Jessica Waage – assistent

Laptoplife simply

We basically did the most basic solution on a standard ecommerce site. did a great job.

Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Middle page - Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Halebop support “ger svar på tal”

After doing massive research on how future customer support will look like. We even was privileged to act as design directors for Halebop and came up with a concept to meet customer needs faster. Take a test drive.  Halebop support with mega dropdown


Dunderdog was asked to design and produce the wip:sthlm’s new site. We are proud to sponsor such a creative bunch. wip:sthlm [work in progress] is a collaboration between 96 artists based in Ã…rstaberg, Stockholm. Since the start in 2006, wip:sthlm has grown to include four core activities; wip:ateljéhus, wip:konsthall, wip:residence and wip:butiken. Together the activities form a complete entity focusing on artistic practice, exchange of ideas and creating new networks.


Are we in control of our own decisions?

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, the author of Predictably Irrational, uses classic visual illusions and his own counterintuitive (and sometimes shocking) research findings to show how we’re not as rational as we think when we make decisions. (Text taken directly from Ted)

I found this talk at Ted and thought it it relevant, interesting and a useful research.