Laptoplife simply

We basically did the most basic solution on a standard ecommerce site. did a great job.

Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Middle page - Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Art direction and branding of Laptoplife

Sollentuna Gosskör

We thought the engagement and stunning result of the Sollentuna Gosskör was worth our attention. The choir delivers gorgeous musik under the direction of Maria Nilsson and David Stadell. Dunderdog has worked in the creation of the choir’s identity. We produced the logotype and general marketing guidelines for the launching of their latest record.

Daniel Wetter: CD, photo, production
Katryna Jones: AD
Music direction: Maria Nilsson, David Stadell
Recording: David Stadell produktion





Halebop support “ger svar på tal”

After doing massive research on how future customer support will look like. We even was privileged to act as design directors for Halebop and came up with a concept to meet customer needs faster. Take a test drive.  Halebop support with mega dropdown

Dunderdog gör Countermine Technologies årsredovisning

Countermine Technologies har utvecklat en banbrytande minsaneringsteknik. De utvecklar och tillverkar minsaneringsutrustning samt bedriver operativ minsanering med hög säkerhet och prestanda på många ställen i världen. Tack vare vår avancerade teknik kan den sanerade marken snabbt tas i bruk och kultiveras.

Dunderdog har tagit fram Countermines årsredovisning i samarbete med Share Finansiell kommunikation och PR.


Dunderdog wins account Hälsinge Lantkök

Dunderdog Design is proud to announce the signing av a new client: Hälsinge Lantkök AB. Dunderdog was asked to analyze and create an new communicative platform. Its resulted in the creation of two premium classes: Premium Gold and Premium Silver. Dunderdog designed and produced new packaging and etiquettes designs for Hälsigestintan and Lantköket.
The logotype was adjusted to the new profile and was not redesigned.
This is the beginning of a long relationship where we apply the new concept to their products, and how they are presented out in the shops.

The team:
CD: Daniel Wetter. Dunderdog Design
AD: Helena Burman. Wetter & Burman
Brand, copy: Rolf Fällström. Pepparkakshuset

Hälsingestintan pack

Premium Guld
Premium Silver