Sollentuna Gosskör

We thought the engagement and stunning result of the Sollentuna Gosskör was worth our attention. The choir delivers gorgeous musik under the direction of Maria Nilsson and David Stadell. Dunderdog has worked in the creation of the choir’s identity. We produced the logotype and general marketing guidelines for the launching of their latest record.

Daniel Wetter: CD, photo, production
Katryna Jones: AD
Music direction: Maria Nilsson, David Stadell
Recording: David Stadell produktion





SEB Test transaction history

We have conducted user test sessions and focus groups surveys for the online business at SEB. This concludes the first of a one year consultancy to design and produce an extention of business account transactions history twenty five month in history. The test were conducted to assess the first of a series of solutions. A series of new developments follow during the next year for which Dunderdog is in charge of design and rapid prototyping.


“Now you can have Internet branch companies read to twenty five months in your account history. There are a number of innovations launched in days. And more improvements are to come in the spring,” said Jessica Gylfe and Lhena Gezang Jangenrud, behind the development of SEB’s Internet Bank businesses.

– The ability to easily go back a few years to see their company’s account, events are the most popular and missing feature among customers, “said Jessica Gylfe, Business Manager, Internet banking business.

– A major survey work is the basis for these changes in your account history, and also for those we launch in the spring. We have worked on everything from business intelligence, surveys, focus groups and corporate clients has also been involved in testing, says Lhena Gezang Jangenrud, product specialist.

Some of the news coming in the spring of 2011:

• Advanced search functionality, including receivers
• Search, suggest
• Mobile banking for companies
• Statement of assets and liabilities
• Export of account events in different file formats
• Print the statements.

Congrats SEB

We just love doing things better on the web. have Daniel Wetter encapsulating energy into doing great usability.

Halebop support “ger svar på tal”

After doing massive research on how future customer support will look like. We even was privileged to act as design directors for Halebop and came up with a concept to meet customer needs faster. Take a test drive.  Halebop support with mega dropdown


Dunderdog was asked to design and produce the wip:sthlm’s new site. We are proud to sponsor such a creative bunch. wip:sthlm [work in progress] is a collaboration between 96 artists based in Ã…rstaberg, Stockholm. Since the start in 2006, wip:sthlm has grown to include four core activities; wip:ateljéhus, wip:konsthall, wip:residence and wip:butiken. Together the activities form a complete entity focusing on artistic practice, exchange of ideas and creating new networks.


Den orättvisa skolan

Den orättvisa skolan

Dunderdog gör designen för Den orättvisa skolan.
AD: Helena Burman
Grafisk form och foto: Daniel Wetter
Original: Tomas Arfert
Illustration & foto: Daniel Wetter & Helena Burman

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We launched

We are happy to present the new site for a business doing the best holos we ever seen.
We wish Fredrik Blomquist and Alex Lundvall with their team the best luck.
Take a look at the holo at Rollingoptics.
Big thanks to Patrik Engborgs great code and Search Engine Optimization, flash intro and praise rithuset for the great illustrations!

Helping SEB with interaction design

We just love doing things better on the web. Since May 2009 has Dunderdog been helping SEB with interaction design for their Internet Bank as a long term project. Daniel Wetter sits in-house and catters the demands för both private and business side of SEB internet bank. We focus on the design and interaction of new products and services. The logged-in environment team concentrates its resources in taking care of their users, in an effort to give them existing them an improved service, consequently renewing the clients trust in the bank.


Rolling Optics

Dunderdog has designed and produced Rolling Optics fair booth for “Paper Edge” at the Reaktor 1 arranged by STFI-Packforsk and effort to show the innovation and opportunities in the fine paper industry. ‘Open Showroom’ is a terminating event in an earlier workshop series and is meant to be an inspiring meeting place for entrepreneurs, researchers and paper industry to share knowledge and build networks. The visitors are primarily from R & D, marketing and management functions at them participating in the Paper Edge (Stora Enso, Lyckeby, Akzo Nobel, etc).

On the team:
Jonas Öquist, Helena Burman, Peter Westman & Daniel Wetter

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Dundershopping @ Telia

The process continues ..mobilttelia_1.png
All mobile phones
Zoom detail

Telia Start page – Beyond Pink Performance :)

Today Telia launched a new start page based on Dunderdog’s communication concept and interaction design. We delivered wireframes and support under the implementation process.
Telia start page
Result after implementationTelia start page - Wireframes
Take a closer look at
On the team: Morten Olsen, Jonas Öquist & Daniel Wetter


B3IT är ett konsultföretag med affärsidén att hjälpa företag och förvaltningar att effektivisera sin IT-verksamhet samt förbättra sin affärsverksamhet med hjälp av smartare IT-lösningar. Vi verkar som specialister och kompetensförstärkning i våra uppdragsgivares projekt eller så tar vi ett helhetsansvar för förändrings- och utvecklingsprojekt.


Dunderdog gjorde: design, koncept, produktion och implementation för B3its hemsida. Vi byggde och implementerade en CMS och utbildade företaget i processerna för uppdatering av informationsflödet.

Dunderdogs team:
Jonas Öquist – CD
Daniel Wetter – AD
Helena Burman – Färg/Form
Kristoffer Alpsjö – Programmering, CMS och Sökmotor optimering


Pollution Badges
We are:
Adam Somlai-Fischer, Jonas Öquist & Daniel Wetter

Parameter Badges give precise readings of various pollutants.
1.- Radiation Bq
2.- Tobacco Smoke
3.- Carbon dioxide
4.- Noise
5.- Ultraviolet light
6.- Mobile traffic
7.- Thank you Carl Michael von Hausswolf
8.- Mirror

Future projects
Delivering information using similar technology; this time about unspecified
origin of pollutant.

Idea sketch

Parameter Badges are state of the art instruments, designed by top designers.
A must if you are pro-health.